the breakdown


Meggan Whitsitt


Hi friends! I’m Meggan, or "Miss Meg" to the little ones I photograph. I’m a follower of Jesus, a wife to William, and a Shih Tzu mom to Minnie- we call her Mouse. Contrary to the headshot you see, you'll rarely see me with my hair down.  I wear a lot of stripes, and I love being around people (especially my family and my friends). Things that bring me joy: beaches and mountains, prop shopping, sweets for breakfast (or any time, really), the lake, wine, bubble baths, murder mystery audiobooks, backpack purses, and bright colors. Oh yes, and I LOVE babies and kids. I have the greatest team, the most supportive family and friends, and the most amazing clients I could ever ask for.

Jenna Whitsitt


I’m Jenna (aka Jennifer)! I’m a lover of animals, rap music, anything teal, and wine nights paired with deep conversation. I also live for's everything! I live in Enid, Oklahoma with my husband, Weston, my cat Mr. Walley and my two rescue dogs, Odin and Friggie! I’m an extrovert, a perfectionist, a dreamer, and a creative. Photography has given me the best creative outlet imaginable and it is truly my passion professionally and personally. Yep, I wake up every single day and get to do what I love! When I'm not behind the camera, I unapologetically indulge in binge-watching my favorite vloggers, beauty gurus, (James Charles...hello!), and documentaries. Life is pretty sweet.

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Christin Juliano


I’m Chrissy (aka Christin)! I’m an artist at my core. Whether it's painting a mural or hand-lettering, creating keeps me grounded. I crave it. I'm the owner of TopKnot Handcrafted Designs, wife to Michael, and mama to my toddler, Liam. I'm an introvert, a type 2 on the Enneagram, and highly empathetic. I love true crime podcasts, a quality latte, and a well balanced, gourmet meal...I'm kind of a food snob! Ha! Happiness to me looks like dancing to Bethel worship music on a rainy day in our kitchen, with my lively little boy. My dream vacation is a cabin in the mountains, where I kayak by day and unwind with a glass of sangria by evening. I’m so excited to be a part of the Truly You team and I can’t wait to continue expanding my creativity through photography and editing!